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Meet the newly appointed MNSRC Executive Board and Directors

Updated: Apr 10

We are thrilled to announce that the State Referee Committee has undergone a transformative change, bringing in an entirely new executive board and directors. We are eager to introduce the dynamic individuals who will be leading the charge in our mission to enhance referee development across the state.

  • Troy Cohrs: State Referee Administrator

  • Dan Stupca: State Director of Assessment

  • Brian Koehler: State Director of Instruction

  • Mark Kelley: State Youth Referee Administrator

  • Jeff Filipek: President Executive Board

  • Ken Lamb: Vice President Executive Board

  • Conor Tobin: Treasurer

  • Jim Engleking: State Director of Assigning

These respected and talented professionals bring a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to their respective roles, and we are confident in their ability to steer the Minnesota Soccer Referee Committee to new heights.  


Our primary goal is to partner with you and your clubs to address challenges, introduce innovative solutions, and roll out new initiatives that will contribute to the training and development of referees in Minnesota. We are focused on moving forward, and we are excited to announce several upcoming initiatives:

  • New Curriculum: We are unveiling a comprehensive and modernized curriculum for training new referees, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for success on the field. This new curriculum will be hands-on using field space instead of classroom time. 

  • Marketing Initiatives: Our team is working diligently to promote refereeing as a rewarding hobby. We believe that by showcasing the positive aspects of officiating, we can attract a greater number of referees throughout the state.

  • Director of Marketing and Social Media: In our commitment to effective communication, we are in the process of hiring a dedicated professional to enhance our outreach and engagement with all our partners across social media platforms and through our website.

  • Referee Shadow Program: We have already unveiled a shadow program where we offer a free mentor session on a U8-U10 game in which a referee will have a mentor on the field refereeing with them and providing support throughout the entire match. We are modeling this after an effective US Youth Hockey program.

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