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Looking for Games?
Updated Jun 13, 2018

If you have certified and are looking to be assignment games, please make sure you register for competitions through the Assignment page. You should email the listed assignor for the competition once you register to notify them of your interest. Not many assignors are using the SRC Assignment system, so you will need to get instructions from each assignor on how to sign up.

Full instructions on the competition registration system are available here:

MNSRC Assignment System

Registration for NEW Officials Has Re-Opened
Updated Jun 26, 2018

New referee registration has opened again so that new officials may work towards certification for the fall 2018 season. We will be offering classroom sessions in July, August, and September to allow individuals to finish their work in time for the coming fall season.

Individuals who paid registration fees PRIOR to June 25, 2018 must finish all training by the end of our fall clinic season on September 8, 2018. You MUST finish your classwork at one of our summer clinics or you will forfeit your fees for 2018.

Returning Officials: Certification is NOW CLOSED
Updated Jun 26, 2018

The certification process is now closed for all RETURNING officials. If you have previously certified as an official, you can no longer certify for 2018. 2019 registration will open on November 1, 2018.

Please keep in mind this statement only applies to officials who are RETURNING. New referee registration for our 2018 summer courses will re-open on June 25.

MYSA Affinity/TCSL Instructions
Updated May 20, 2018

As a reminder, the SRC has a short presentation on the use of MYSA's Affinity system for game reporting. If you need to refresh yourself on how to sign in and report game results with Affinity, you can do so with our presentation.

MYSA Affinity Game Reporting System

Portal Link to Report Match Results and Misconduct

For instructions on reporting TCSL matches, review their manual:

TCSL Referee Manual

MYSA & TCSL Summer Small-Sided Rules
Updated Mar 28, 2018

US Soccer implemented a new set of rules for small-sided (i.e., less than 11 players per side) games in summer 2017, and the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association and Twin Cities Soccer Leagues (TCSL) were mandated to implement these rules in fall 2017. If you are going to be working any games for U12 and below this summer, please review these rules on MYSA's and TCSL's websites. The rules are nearly identical between the leagues, with the exception of build out line requirements at U11.

MNSRC will not be publishing any material on these rules to ensure MYSA's and TCSL's interpretations are consistent and not contradicted by inappropriate interpretations.

Summer 2018 MYSA Small-Sided Rules (including videos)

TCSL US Soccer Mandate Rules

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