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Online Course FAQ

Why can't I fast-forward through the course?

All of the courses are locked on the first pass. You have to earn credit for the course before the "unlocked" version becomes available. If you would like to review a topic from the course after you have completed it, simply click on the course link on the Online Material page and the unlocked version will open up, allowing you to navigate freely amongst the different slides.


The videos stutter, and it takes forever to get through a course. How can I stop this?

You are experiencing bandwidth slowdown on your end. The MNSRC website is hosted on a server that provides unlimited bandwidth, so any delay in media playback will occur due to clogging of the bandwith pipline on the user end.

Unfortunately, only two streaming solutions exist for this:

  1. Try watching the less video-intensive presentations at that time, and return to more video-intensive presentations at a different time.
  2. Pause slide playback for 30-60 seconds when a new slide loads, then restart the slide with the play button. During the delay, the video will download into your cache, and then play back with little to no stutter.

I have a high-speed Internet connection that gets 30 mbps download, how could I have a bandwidth problem?

What your Internet Service Provider sells you for your Internet connection are speeds "up to" X mbps. They do not guarantee you always get those speeds. Most in-home Internet connections go through a central node somewhere in your neighborhood, and the bandwidth on that node is shared by every Internet-user in the neighborhood.

If a large number of people are online at the same time downloading media-intensive material, everybody's download speed will slow... sometimes considerably. Certain times of the day and week will likely have much higher Internet usage, decreasing bandwidth for everybody on that network.

Why do I need a 100% in many of the quizzes for the Entry courses?

For the introductory courses, we want students to show they comprehend the material they watched before they come to class. Each of these courses require a 75% on the test in order to pass. By requiring a 100% on the online portion, this drops the score needed to pass in class by giving the students a solid start on their score. The 100% score also offsets the fact that there is no instructor present to ensure the student is learning the material.

If you do not pass a quiz, you have the opportunity to retake it immediately, and can review the questions you missed so you understand why you missed them.

The quiz is telling me to "scroll down" before I can answer a question.

This is caused from your browser being too "zoomed in" for the quiz. The fix is simple and quick... tell your brwoser to zoom out so that all of the quiz answers fit on the screen, and then you will be able to proceed. Instructions for how to make your browser zoom out are provided here.

Items on the pages are out of position, or there is no video playing with the audio, or there is no audio with the video.

There are a few options to try to solve this occasional issue...

1) Stop the presentation and then hit play again. Sometimes, after pausing the audio will kick in. It appears to be some sort of bug in the rendering software, but resolves easily with this trick.

2) Clear the cache in your browser, or try a different browser. Understand you have to log into your account on a browser to access the presentation.

3) If all of the above fails, you will need to use a different device. Thousands have managed to use our presentations without encountering bugs, so if these solutions do not work, there is some sort of technical glicth on the device you are using and you should switch to a different device/computer. Apologies.

Nothing works... there has to be something wrong with the course files!

As you can see from the number of people who have watched presentatons on the Online Materials home page, there is nothing wrong with the course files. Hundreds of people are watching and receiving credit for the courses on a daily basis.

We do understand that some people have issues with the crediting process, but you are a very small segment. While we understand the frustration you are experiencing, receiving credit for the online work is the only way we can confirm for US Soccer that you have met your certification requirements. Again, we recommend utilizing the steps lilsted above to try to solve the problem.

I've finished my requirements but it still says my online requirements are incomplete. Is this a bug?

Probably not. If you are a recertifying referee, please make sure that, in addition to watching the minimum number of credit hours, you also watched the courses listed under "Required." These are typically very short topics involving things like IFAB's Changes to the Laws and MYSA Rule Modifications. Until you meet the minimum number of hours AND watch any required presentations, you will not be allowed to sign up for a class.

You also must watch new material to qualify. Simply repeating the same courses that you watched last year will not enhance your knowledge. For this year, a recertifying official must watch no more than 1.25 hours of repeat material from last year.

If it looks like you have finished all required topics and met the minimum credits but still don't seem to be getting credit, please contact the webmaster.

I'm watching on an iOS device but when I finish a course it will not give me credit.

The courses on iOS devices run through the free downloadable Articulate app. This app only syncs with Safari. When you finish a course and are advised to click on the Finish button to get credit, the app will send you back to Safari. If you entered the course through another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and are logged in on that different browser, the site will assume you are not logged in (via Safari) and will not give you credit.

The fix is very simple... when using the site on your iOS device, please do so through Safari to ensure that when you finish each course you will be properly credited.

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