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Minnesota Referee Grades: Explanation and Requirements

The MNSRC has released a summary of grade requirements for each of the sub-national referee grades that it maintains. These summaries include a spcific listing of all requirements, as well as ramifications of each requirement not being met. These requirements are in effect immediately.

Requirements for New, Returning Grade 8, and Returning Grade 7 officials

Requirements for Officials Upgrading to State-Track 7*

Requirements for Maintaining State-Track 7 Officials*

Requirements for Officials Upgrading to State Referee Grade 6

Requirements for Maintaining State Referee Grade 6 Officials

Fitness Test Probation for State Referees: For the past several years the SRC has permitted officials of higher grades who are unable to pass the fitness test to accept probationary status for one year and retain their state badge during that year. Effective for 2019 (beginning with fitness testing in August 2018), this will no longer be an option. A review of policy with the USSF Referee Program has indicated this is not a sanctioned practice, and Minnesota will be discontinuing the practice as a result. If a ST7 or state referee is unable to pass the fitness test for any reason in a given registration year, that referee will be classified as Grade 7, the highest level for which the fitness test is not required.

*State-Track 7 is NOT an official USSF grade. It is a designation within MINNESOTA ONLY that defines a set of requirements the SRC is permitted to create as part of the progression to State Referee Grade 6. If you are an ST7 official in Minnesota and travel outside of Minnesota, you are classified as a GRADE 7 referee, not ST7 or any other special designation.

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