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Statement Regarding Clinic Seat Inventory, April 7, 2022

The SRC has held several discussions regarding the troubling numbers we are seeing regarding referee registration for 2022. As of the writing of this (April 7, 2022), just under 1000 new referee accounts have been created and registration fees paid for those account this spring. We have offered just over 700 seats at classes thus far this spring, but only 200 have been used with another 500 wasted. As of today over 750 paid accounts still need to attend a clinic.

As of today, the SRC has added six more new referee clinics, held on the weekends of April 30/May 1 and May 21. These six clinics have added 380 seats to the state's seat inventory, and for the moment we have more seats again than people who need them. However, we expect that to flip in the coming week, at which point there will again be more paid registrations for new referees than seats available in the state.

We have decided to hold to the new account creation deadline of April 27, 2022. The reason for this is some of those clinics are in non-Metro areas, and those communities should be able to recruit people to attend those clinics for as long as possible.

However, it is critical that all stakeholders- clubs, leagues, assignors, referee candidates- understand that at this point, we make no guarantees that a new paid registration will be able to complete the training. We will NOT be adding any further clinics.

We encourage any candidate who has paid but not yet completed online work and reserved a seat in a class to complete this ASAP. It is the responsibility of the candidate to do so. Of the 750 or so people in the system who need to do this, over 400 paid prior to March 15 and have simply not completed these tasks.

It is not the responsbility of the SRC to continually add clinics so that candidates who are not completing tasks in a timely manner can have endless time and options to complete those tasks. Expectations for deadlines and the lack of a guarantee of a classroom seat are spelled out clearly on the registration page.

To reiterate our refund policies, any qualified refund can only be for $65 of the $80 paid. There is a $15 deduction on refunds due to the cost of banking and processing fees. Refunds can only be issued if the transaction was within 90 days of the refund request AND if the candidate has not started any of the nine entry courses on the MNSRC website.

We recognize these limitations may discourage current unpaid candidates from starting the process. We debated whether a better path would be to simply cut off all new account creation and ensure that we had more seats than seats needed. We decided doing so would be unfair to areas of the state which had plenty of seat space and time to fill that space.

If anybody has any questions regarding these policy decisions, please contact the SRA via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

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