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COVID-19 and MNSRC Registration Fee Policy, March 20, 2020

As the epidemic and economic slowdown have progressed over the past few weeks, the SRC is starting to receive questions about policies that may be implemented if the summer soccer season is significantly shortened or even cancelled. The purpose of this page is to provide some answers to those questions. Please understand that, at this time, we cannot commit to any course of action, but are hoping this page will at least help you feel better knowing that conversations are ongoing.

Registration Fee Refund Possibilities

We want to assure everybody that we understand the financial commitment to certify as a US Soccer referees is significant. In what can in the most optimistically described scenario be described as a "challenging economic environment," every dollar counts... we know this. We recognize that somebody who has spent money to certify for a job that they can no longer perform because that job is now non-existent has a valid reason to request relief of hardship.

Many of our approved officials have already been submitted to US Soccer along with their registration fees. This means that refunds are dictated by US Soccer. We regretfully have no further control over those fees. We are actively engaging US Soccer and asking them to consider contingency plans for worst-case scenarios.

Effective the week of March 16, 2020, we have started approving referee lists but withholding the transmisson of those lists and fees to US Soccer. This allows us to maintain control over refunds of those fees in the event of season cancellation.

At this time, we cannot say for certain that registration fees will be refunded in part or potentially rolled over to 2021. All of these items have been part of our discussion. We can assure you that a fair and honest approach will be taken.

Returning Referee Certifcation

Please keep in mind that referees who certified in the past two years can pay and complete continuing education requirements 100% online. Our posted deadline to certify for USSF certification for 2020 is June 24, 2020. We understand if a returning official would rather wait to make that investmetnt until there is more certainty. There is a possibility the deadline could be extended should assembly restrictions persist longer into the spring and summer, but that is dependent on whether US Soccer opts to extend its registration year and is outside of our control.

New Referee Certifcation

We want to assure all potential new referees that with the delays and multitude of cancellations of classes, every opportunity will be given for any new official to complete their work. Several clubs have rescheduled clinics into later April, though at this time we can make no guarantees that even those clinics will proceed.

We expect to have many clinics in May and/or June. We are planning on making slight modifications to the classroom curriculum to make it easier to schedule and hold clinics, including on weeknights.

Due to social distancing recommendations, all clinics will have a hard cap of 20 students, regardless of facility. Once a clinic is full, no walk-ups will be permitted. The SRC will, once travel restrictions are relaxed, ensure that we provide plenty of classroom opportunities to complete the classroom requirement. 

Any new official who does not complete training in the spring clinic season can have their fees rolled over to 2021.

Again, we want to assure all current and potential referees that discussions are ongoing regarding fee and refund policies. There are a lot of variables in play that make it very difficult to give any definitive answers at this time, but we want to make it clear that we are aware of the impact of the current health situation on the potential for summer competition to proceed.

Thank you, and stay well.


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