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COVID-19 and MNSRC Registration Fee Policy, May 5, 2020

The purpose of this page is to provide answers to questions regarding the COVID-19 shutdown and its effect on our program.

Will There Be a Season?

MYSA and TCSL both tentatively have listed June 1 as a return-to-play date. This remains in flux due to the evolving nature of the pandemic. At this time we cannot guarantee that a season will proceed at either the youth or adult level in Minnesota. These decisions lie with the governing bodies, not the Minnesota State Referee Committee.

Refund Policy Modifications

A significant portion of the summer 2020 season has already been lost and the SRC recognizes that there is a distinct possibility there may be no soccer this summer. For this reason, we are establishing the following modified refund policy for 2020 only.

Please click here to check if your account is eligible for a COVID-19 Exception Refund.

Explanations of refund eligibility are provided below.

Approved Officials

If your 2020 certification has already been approved, this means your registration funds have already been committed to US Soccer and are no longer under the control of MNSRC. US Soccer has advised the SRC to not refund any such committed monies. We cannot issue a refund for these accounts.

US Soccer is currently discussing options for funds they have already accepted from states. We are not at liberty to share these discussions at this time. We have developed a contingency plan that we will implement should US Soccer offer no relief.

We apologize for remaining vague, but if you are Approved and would like to know what your relief may be for a list season, we cannot make any announcements until US Soccer announces its plan. Please remain patient, it's the best advice we can offer at this time.

Non-Approved Officials, Registration Fees Paid

If you have paid 2020 registration fees but have not completed your work, you have options...

(1) Request a refund: We have opted to modify our refund policies to accomodate the extreme circumstances the pandemic has created.

If you have not started any online work on the MNSRC site (i.e., begun any online presentations on the MNSRC site), you are entitled to a $65 refund if you request one. This is in line with our established refund policy.

An exception is being made that we will process refunds on transactions over 90 days old. Such refunds will have to take place via mailed check. The account holder is responsible for ensuring that the correct mailing address is assigned to his/her account to ensure a timely refund.

If you have started online work on the MNSRC site, you may request a $60 refund. This is a new exception created from the pandemic. Our usual policy is to only allow a $25 refund in this circumstance.

Refunds are not 100% due to the fact that there are operating costs associated with the website and payment systems. The SRC absorbs 100% of the cost of credit card transaction fees under the normal registration process. If you request a refund, we pass these costs on to you, as well as a small surcharge to cover the cost of office work and website management.

How to Request a Refund: If you are interested in a refund, you must submit your request no later than June 26, 2020 by using the Refund Request Page when logged into your account. We will not accept requests sent by direct email, phone call, or any other communication technique, in order to get all needed information in your request. This page will tell you the amount you are eligible for.

(2) Finish your work and certify for 2020: If you choose to complete your work and are Approved, you will not be eligible for a refund. However, you will be subject to whatever accomodation is provided by US Soccer or MNSRC once US Soccer selects its path forward.

(3) Suspend work and roll your fees over to 2021: Due to the pandemic, we are making a special exception this year and will permit ALL officials (new and returning) to roll fees over past June 30 and apply them to 2021 registration if they do not finish before that date. Your spring payment would simply be applied to 2021 registration and you will be eligible to officiate USSF-affiliated matches through December 2021.

Understand with this last option that you would be ineligible to work any USSF-affiliated matches that take place prior to you being Approved. Waiting to complete your work might buy you a longer period of certification, but also could affect your ability to work any games that might start prior to completion. Keep in mind that you are not Approved after completing work, but rather when the State Referee Administrator processes a list of eligible officials. This only happens once a week on average.

These exceptions were approved in an MNSRC board meeting held May 3, 2020.

Thank you, and stay well.

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