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Background Check Frequently Asked Questions

If you are over 18 years of age in Minnesota, you are required to complete a background check every year in order to be USSF-certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete the check?

Instructions for completing this are provided on the MYSA Referee Background Check page.

I already completed a check as a coach/administrator for a club... do I have to do a separate one as a referee?

No. You should contact MYSA's Ayla Lokkesmoe to have her apply your coach/admin check to your referee account.

Is this really required for all referees? I only am going to officiate adult matches.

Because the adult leagues sometimes have youth players participating, and because many adult leagues have young children present as spectators, all referees must complete a check for liability purposes.

I submitted my check on Affinity per the MYSA instructions but my SRC account still says Incomplete. How long does this take?

Our website checks the Affinity website nightly for new approvals. This is an automatic process. If your check was submitted a week or more ago and you are still not approved, you need to contact contact MYSA.

My assignor needs me to work games this weekend and I just submitted my check today. Can this be expedited?

No. We cannot change the status of any referee until we receive clearance from MYSA. If you need to be on the field in April or May, don't want until April or May to complete your work!

I turn 18 in the middle of the season. Do I need to do a check before the season starts?

You are not permitted to submit a check unless you are 18, so the answer to this is no. On your birthday you will be notified by the SRC site automatically of the requirement. You get a two-week buffer period to complete the check, and after two weeks your assignors are notified if you have not been cleared and will be listed as ineligible to work games.

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