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2022 Clinic List

The following is a preview list of posted clinics. Signup for these clinics will not be available to you until you complete the required online work first. This list is made available to allow for planning ahead, but we need to emphasize that anybody who shows up for a clinic that is not on a clinic roster MAY potentially not receive credit for that clinic!!! Please complete your pre-class requirements and register properly in order to attend. If you are a new or returning Grade 9 referee and attend an entry classroom session without having completed all of the online presentations, you WILL NOT receive credit for the class! You MUST finish the online work PRIOR TO ATTENDING!

Please note, again, this is a PREVIEW list. To sign up for a clinic, you need to use the "Clinics" button on the Referee menu when you are signed into your account to access the signup page!

The clinic times posted are 100% accurate. Students are required to be present for the entire class. These clinics meet USSF requirements; failure to be present for the entire class will result in attendance not being granted and your certification not being approved.

If a clinic is posted as being full, it is because the enrollment limit has been reached. We have a waiting list option, but all waiting lists close the night before the clinic. You must pay your registration fees and complete any required online work before you sign up for a clinic. You cannot reserve a spot in a clinic until you complete this work. If a clinic is near capacity, there are no guarantees that slots will be available by the time you finish your work. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage students to complete their pre-clinic work well in advance of the clinic they wish to attend.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for signing up for a clinic for the coming weekend is midnight on the Thursday before the clinic. If you cannot find a clinic for the coming weekend on Friday, it will be because you have waited until the last minute to complete your pre-clinic requirements and you can no longer sign up for that weekend. The SRC requires clinic rosters be set by this deadline so the instructor can have the correct number of materials on hand. Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on the part of the SRC!

No eligible clinics are posted for your grade level.

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