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Planet Soccer Minneapolis is the official sponsor of the Minnesota State Referee program!

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Looking to Become a Referee for the First Time?

We are certainly excited about your interest in becoming a soccer official! People from all walks of life officiate soccer, and have varied interests form helping out the local youth leagues to working competitive matches to even one day working professional matches or the World Cup! The Minnesota State Referee Committee provides training for all levels of soccer officiating and interest.

Account creation for new referees is only open during the month of July (for our summer sessions) and then November 1 through April 24 (for spring sessions). We do not permit account creation at other times of the year to eliminate the possibility of people paying registration fees when they cannot be used for training.

If you are a parent of a child that is looking to become a referee, we urge your to watch our Parenting a Referee video so you can learn about the benefits, expectations, and challenges facing your child in becoming a referee!

As a new referee, you will have five steps that you need to complete to be able to take the field for the first time this spring or summer. Please read through this carefully so that you understand all of the steps.

Step 1: Register with

New referees must start the registration process by first creating an account on this website. If you haven't done so, please navigate to the "Create Account" page and set up your account.

Create Account (the button at left is active and will take you to the Account Creation page)

Included in the account creation process is the option to select a club representative. Club reps are typically referee coordinators for your local club or community. By designating a club rep, you will allow that rep to be able to track your progress through the certification process. This will give you a local connection to the state program, and often times, the club rep can help you with questions about the certification process. Club reps frequently serve as match assignors as well, so it's always a good idea to get to know one early in your referee career.

You can view the training clinic list for the entire state (but not sign up for them... you have a few more steps to complete before you get that far) via a blue button that appears in the right-hand dark blue column. If you view this list while logged in, it will automatically list clinics within 40 miles of your home address at the top.

Preview Clinics (use the button in the dark blue column at right)

Step 2: Pay Your State Administrative and US Soccer Registration Fees

The website only allows progress to each step if you have completed the one before it, and the first step you have to complete after creating your account is paying your 2014 fees. These fees are divided into a non-refundable $20 State Admnistrative fee and a $40 US Soccer Referee registration fee. The MNSRC website accepts payment by credit card only.

***IMPORTANT***: Our SSL certificate is currently down, so you cannot pay your registration fees at this time. However, upon creating your account you WILL have access to the subsequent steps in the certification process until this issue is repaired. We will be sending out an email to all non-paid accounts when this process becomes active again.

Registration Button (use the "Referee" menu when signed in to access)

Step 3: Complete the Online Training

Once you have paid your registration fees, you will be able to access the "Online Material" page from your Referee menu on the left side of the screen. When you click on that, you will gain access to the full online portion of the training, 20 video modules that take about 6-7 hours to complete.

Online Materials Button (use the "Referee" menu when signed in to access)

MNSRC, in an attempt to add flexibility to the training process and reduce classroom time, has established online training as part of the educational process. You will have to complete all of the online modules to finish the online training before you are allowed to sign up for a course. Within these modules are quizzes, most of which require a 100% score to pass and move on. While this sounds drastic, the quizzes tell you what you missed and why, and allow you to retake them instantly.

Step 4: Sign Up For and Attend Your Clinic

Finally, after completing all of the online modules, follow the "Clinic Sign-Up" in your "Referee" menu. This will allow you to sign up for the clinic you want to attend.

Clinic Signup Button (use the "Referee" menu when signed in to access)

If you are under 14 years of age as of June 1, you will be eligible to stop at the Grade 9 Recreational Referee badge. This involves only attending the first 2 1/2 hours of the class. You would be certified to work recreational-level matches as a center referee up to U14, and may work as an AR on any match up to U14.

If you are 14 years of age by June 1, you must take the entire 8 hour course and obtain the Grade 8 Referee badge. Grade 8 referees are certified to work any youth match. They may be assigned to higher-level matches depending on performance and progress.

Once you sign up, the details of your clinic will appear in the dark blue column on the right side of the screen. Regardless of whether youl will stop at Grade 9 (if age-eligible) or complete Grade 8, every class covers material for BOTH grades.

At the end of the clinic, you will receive your 2014 badge. After you attend your clinic, the state will certify you and you will receive your registration card in the mail from US Soccer.

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